Boitier Ultra tour avec fenêtre en plexiglas sur le coté pour Gamer, Couleur Noire matte (Sans Alimentation).


  • Rassemblant tous les critères d'un boitier Gaming, le NZXT PHANTOM 630 est un boitier d’excellence destinée a accueillir des configurations Gaming/professionnelle Ultra-performante haut de gamme dans un espace optimisé ainsi qu'une ventilation a la hauteur (jusqu'à 10 ventilateurs dont 4 fourn
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    bachir ahmed:    Boitier de grande qualité .Il est très imposant, comparé à mon cooler master silencio c'est un bébé. couleur gun metal avec du noir et un look futuris. livraison rapide. merci lahlou.

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Phantom 630 Ultra Tower Computer Case

Introducing the Phantom 630 Windowed Edition

You have been asking for this for a while and we've delivered... 

NZXT presents the Phantom 630 Windowed Edition - the same 
revolutionary, award-winning chassis that took bold innovation 
to the next level with a large side panel window. 

In 2010, the original Phantom shook the industry with its daring, 
timeless design. The following year, NZXT brought the 
well-received Phantom design to a Mid-sized tower with the 
Phantom 410. In 2012, the Phantom 820, again, raised the bar 
for an entire industry, with its integrated HUE lighting system and
limitless cooling potential.NZXT released the Phantom 630 in 2013 
to rave reviews with only one complaint, the window.





Now, NZXT brings the same innovation of the completely redesigned
 of the Phantom 630 to the exterior with the new Windowed 

Engineered to satisfy any enthusiast’s desires, the Phantom 630
features fully modular internal drive bays that can be reorganized
to your heart’s content.With all hard drive bays in place, the 
Phantom 630 is still able to achieve high performance liquid cooling 
with 360mm radiator and 240mm radiator support. 

By rearranging your drive bay setup to fit with your specific needs, 
the Phantom 630 is able to support a countless number of creative,
custom cooling configurations out of the box.

Phantom 630 Ultra Tower Computer Chassis
Phantom 630 High Performance Computer Case




If you choose to remove all drive bays to accommodate extra 
radiators or a large reservoir, the Phantom 630 comes with two 
SSD mounts located behind the motherboard tray for a minimalistic 
setup with maximum cooling  and cable management capability. 


Along with an integrated 30-watt single channel fan controller, the 
Phantom 630 also features a dual-level motherboard tray, offering 
unrivaled cable management and airflow capabilities. Further 
minimizing cable clutter, the Phantom 630 is equipped with a 
rear-mounted multi-port fan hub for a simple and clean fan 
controller setup.


The standalone window upgrade for the Phantom 630 and H630
will be available this October.