• CARTE MERE ECS H61 (H61H2-M10) LGA 1155

    Cette carte mère d'entrées de gamme ravira les petits budgets tout en comblant des besoins raisonnables !

  • Les technologie implémentait dans cette carte mère redéfinit les règles et donne une toute nouvelle peau à cette carte mère grâce à notamment ces port USB , son contrôleur Audio et beaucoup d’autres nouveautés , ce qui ravira les petits et moyens budgets !

  • Disponible 6 490 DA TTC
multi_bios.jpg   Mutli-language BIOS
Multi-language BIOS allows you to see and set up the BIOS with your native language. It helps Non-English users to solve the problem of setting up the BIOS and achieve extra system performance easily.
Solid-Capacitor_75.jpg   Solid Capacitor
Solid capacitors lifespan is 6 times more than electrolytic capacitors at 65◦C temperature and it offers a stability and durable system.
Supports-22nm-Processors.jpg   Support 22nm processors
Intel new 22nm, 3-D transistor architecture enables support for new-generation processors which delivers unprecedented performance improvement, faster computing and graphics and power reduction.
Dual-Channel-DDR3-1600.jpg   Dual DDR3 1600
Doubles the bandwidth of your system memory up to 25.6 GB/s and pumps up the system performance at lower power.
PCIe-3.0.jpg   PCI EXPRESS 3.0 (with Ivy Bridge)
The next generation of PCI Express 3.0 accelerates on 32 GB/s rate which effectively delivers double of PCIe 2.0 bandwidth. PCIe 3.0 enhances the encoding scheme to eliminate 20% overhead data to deliver higher transmission speed and better performance.
SATA-3G.JPG   SATA 3.0Gb/s
Doubles the transfer speed of SATA, running at speed up to 3.0Gb/s, and fully compatible with the soon-to-be-released SATA HDD, CD-ROM and other cutting-edge devices with NCQ function support.
6CH_HD.jpg   6 Channel High Definition Audio
Integrated 6-channel HD Audio CODEC delivering advanced multi-channel audio and bringing you the experience of home theater-quality sound.
8_Giga_LAN.jpg   Giga LAN
Delivers transfer speed ten times faster than conventional 10 / 100 Ethernet connections, supporting a high transfer rate up to Gigabit/s. Gigabit LAN is the networking standards for the future and is ideal for handing large amount of data such as video, audio, and voice.
eblu.jpg   eBLU - BIOS Live Update Utility
ECS eBLU utility makes updating BIOS fast and easy. eBLUsaves time and hassle of searching for BIOS online and avoid complicated flashing steps. With simple and easy steps it checks for new BIOS version on-line and safely guides the user to flash the system BIOS.
edlu48.jpg   eDLU - Drivers Live Update Utility
ECS eDLU utility makes updating Drivers fast and easy. eDLU Saves time and hassle of searching for Drivers online and avoid complicated steps. With simple and easy steps it checks for new Drivers version on-line and let the user to update the Drivers.
Norton_white.jpg   Norton™ Internet Security
Simple, Easy-to-Use Interface, delivers fast and comprehensive online threat protection, guarding your PC, network, without slowing you down. Giving you greater insight into downloaded applications, whether they can be trusted, and how they may impact your PC’s resources and performance Offering users a safer and more convenient environment than ever.ECS recommends the immediate installation of Norton Internet Security of your computer.
win8-logo.jpg   Windows® 8 Hardware Certification
Support the latest Windows 8 technology which provides touch-enabled control, Apps and can connect with the cloud to connect with your files, photos, people, and settings, wherever you sign in.
muzee_75.jpg   MUZEE
MUZEE provides a total solution for online multimedia in the cloud generation, which is easy to integrate with multiple hardware devices. Users can access to thousands of worldwide radio stations, TV channels and games to indulge in the latest online entertainment anywhere and anytime within few simple clicks.